About Dunnigan Realtors

Dunnigan Realtors is unique in their concept of doing business.  After over 40 years of being involved in Sacramento residential real estate sales, Dunnigan Realtors has established themselves as an icon of exceptional service, high ethical standards, and an example of what teamwork within a company can achieve.


Dunnigan Realtors believes strongly in being the very best in the neighborhoods in which they specialize.  The result is a company that does not try to be all things to all people, but is the very best in the "close-in" established areas in the Sacramento and American River corridors.  Their agents live in the neighborhoods that they represent and have a strong knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of their neighborhoods.


Dunnigan Realtors has a unique business model in which their agents work together for the success of all.  There is a camaraderie among their agents that creates a positive environment and quality work ethic.  Their clients, in the end, benefit from this team concept in which they can be comfortable in knowing that there is always someone there to assist them.